Healthcare Data - The Truth?

In todays over stretched Global Healthcare environment, there are many attempts being made to find incremental capacity through efficiency and process improvement.

Much of this is being done against a backdrop of reducing budgets and incremental savings being made, whilst Healthcare Staff are under pressure to deliver against increasing Patient demand.

Many organisation turn to Data to try and understand the real position and issues that are occurring at grass roots level. Whilst this is a great starting point, often the data set obtained is nothing more than extrapolated from a handful of Patient Journeys, potentially missing the real blockers of an efficient and effective Service.

There are also a number of permanent ‘Asset Tracking’ options on the market, with many Healthcare providers choosing this expensive and permanent solution to track and monitor their Staff and Equipment. From experience, this is generally not accurate enough to validate true positioning of your Team in a busy clinic environment, with ineffective data being acquired from the system and little analyses behind it to highlight the issues or bottlenecks.

Over the last three years, That Figures have been working with a number of selected Healthcare organisations to deliver an Efficiency and Capacity Programme that uses rich data going to the heart of the problem, analysing every Patient Journey, their interaction with Staff, and the relationship and impact of each journey in the Service.

The That Figures Programme delivers a rich set of novel data, collected through a technically unique process that is comprehensive, time bound, but non-invasive, and will evidence the issues limiting efficiency and capacity.

This rich, evidence based data, is used to work with key Stakeholders to implement Cultural and Transformational change across the organisation. Clear process and timelines are agreed, and importantly, That Figures return within agreed timescales to measure success and assist in ongoing process improvement.

With a rich data bank from across the Globe, That Figures are in an excellent position to assist in Benchmarking services, providing cutting edge, but obtainable service levels, wherever you are.

Key decisions can only be made with data that is both rich in content, and comprehensive in its collection. It needs to be surgically analysed, and delivered to the organisation in a format that can be absorbed, understood, and applied. Measuring the success of stakeholder implementation is the motivator to ongoing improvement, and is essential to maintain buy-in to the process of change.


Andy Russell

Commercial Director

That Figures