European Commission Seal of Excellence Awarded to THAT FIGURES

This week, the European Commission has awarded THAT FIGURES a seal of Excellence for Research and Innovation for their Healthcare Efficiency and Capacity Programme. Currently working in the UK, Europe, ME, and now China, THAT FIGURES … Read More

THAT FIGURES - Successful pitch to the IPIEC Regional Round (UK)

This week, the THAT FIGURES Management Team pitched to a panel of IPIEC (Intellectual Property, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition) Investors and Business Entrepreneurs in Bristol, (UK). The prize was to travel to Guangdong, China, in December to … Read More

Doctor Distractions!

On a daily basis I listen to experts talking about the need to redesign services. Their thinking is to build new spaces and add more staff to Health Systems to solve the problems of increasing … Read More

Healthcare Data - The Truth?

In todays over stretched Global Healthcare environment, there are many attempts being made to find incremental capacity through efficiency and process improvement. Much of this is being done against a backdrop of reducing budgets and incremental … Read More

Inefficiency costs NHS £5bn a year

  The NHS is wasting £5 billion a year through inefficient use of people, land and equipment, according to a report carried out by Lord Carter which can be found here Lord Carter said: My experience of the NHS and … Read More