We were asked to complete an Ophthalmology wide review of a struggling Hospital. No additional funding was available and the service had been stuck in an underperforming rut for some time. “That Figures” spent 4 weeks on site and did not require any support from the unit to gather their data and findings. The following points are the main highlights from the “That Figures” data:

Established a solid baseline for the service, a platform from which the service could be understood and decisions could be taken about the future with confidence. This resulted in a removal of £350k of waste in the first month after the data was collected

Provided an innovative plan for expansion of the service without adding any additional resource

Generated £1.8m saving opportunities in the first year following the review.

Optimised the time spent with the patient and the speed with which they are prioritised and seen by highlighting serious repetition in the steps undertaken by staff with patients. This was causing delays in diagnosis and treatment

Increase the number of patients seen by each member of staff and give staff the time to ensure they focus on quality outcomes for the patient.