“THAT FIGURES’’ is a true game-changer for global healthcare delivery providing unparalleled evidence of the Patient journey experience and service efficiency from the front line.

Evidence is automatically collected of patient experiences and journeys within healthcare settings

Evidence that allows health services and those running them to understand resource use, patient experience and service efficiency

Evidence that can be used to support the much-needed requirement for change in service delivery and deliver buy-in for improvements steered by indisputable data

Why are we Different?

  • We are the only company of its kind collecting and using data about the patient experiences to enable improved efficiencies in the global health system
  • We are collecting “novel “ data, not currently available to our clients
  • The data we collect uses some of the most advanced technologies available to provide game changing insights
  • Our outputs are based on Evidence… Evidence needed to get buy-in for change, from Management, Clinicians, and Staff
  • We will support the implementation of the changes
  • We return after the changes to re-evaluate and

Why do we do what we do?

  • Ageing populations + better treatments for more conditions = rapid increase in patients
  • Patient Waiting lists, patients are not getting treatment in line with expectations and targets
  • Patient waiting times and crowded hospitals, demand for services continues to grow, and with tightening budgets, we need to think outside of the norm
  • Increased Pressure on staff, creates a poor working environment, and reduces motivation
  • Opportunities to learn new skills, with more time to apply those skills
  • Job satisfaction and fulfilment, in an effective and efficient environment

Patient waiting times and crowded hospitals

  • From the extensive work THAT FIGURES have done we see some patients waiting unacceptably long times during their appointments. This creates pressure for them and for staff. We have a number of ways of reducing these times and this is a very positive outcome for many teams

Increased Pressure on staff

  • Staff bear the brunt of the increase in pressure within Services. Looking at new ways to deliver care and using the data collected by THAT FIGURES to support you in delivering better and more efficient care to patients can avoid this
  • Our process will provide staff with the Opportunities to learn new skills, spend more time with their patients and have a dramatic impact on job satisfaction and team morale